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Rewardsmay be granted to subordinate Police Officers and private individuals indeserving cases for services rendered.

Money Rewards by the Department 
Money rewards within the sanctioning powers of the Officers mentioned inOrder 343 may be granted to Police Officers of and below the rank of Inspectorsof Police and Officers of corresponding ranks including those in K.S.R.P. forservices of special merit but not for routine work such as taking action onadmission or confession made after arrest, good turnout, etc., which shows nooutstanding skill.

Money Rewards by Others
All Police Officers, other than Superior Police Officers, are eligible formoney rewards in the following cases:

  1. rewards offered by the Government

  2. rewards offered by courts

  3. rewards offered by private persons or corporate bodies or other departments of Government, subject to the orders within the sanctioning powers of Commissioner or IGP/Deputy Inspector General, as the case may be, who should decide whether the rewards should go to the individuals concerned or to a Police Fund or partly to both

  4. rewards offered by the Customs,  Excise and other Government Departments

  5. rewards offered by other States and Government of India

PoliceOfficers should under no circumstances, accept rewards direct from anysource.  All sums of money tendered by private persons or corporatebodies, or offered by Courts or by other departments, or other States shouldfirst be received by the Commissioners of Police and Superintendents anddeposited in the Treasury under the head “Revenue Deposit”.  Beforeaccepting the rewards offered by private persons and corporate bodies, theSuperintendents will satisfy themselves that they are given voluntarily. Allmoney rewards received should be ordered by the Government for distribution byissue of an order.

  1. Rewards of whatever nature, whether for services in aid of public justice or for the capture of escaped convicts, or in encouragement of acts of humanity and courage, should be granted and disbursed as speedily as possible.  Rewards in connection with cases brought to trial should be granted after convictions and on the expiry of the time limit for appeals or revisions against such convictions, or in any such event, only after their disposal.  All recommendations for grant of rewards should be submitted in Form No.30 to the sanctioning authority and should at every stage be treated as strictly confidential.  It should include information as to the sentence passed on  conviction or the result on appeal and any observations made by the court on the conduct of the police and also narrate the part played by each individual with reasons for regarding it as specially meritorious in character.

  2. In cases which are brought to trial where the Commissioner of Police, Range Inspector General of Police, Superintendent of Police as the case may be considers that exceptional good work or outstanding service rendered by an Officer or a  private individual, warrants immediate recognition, reward may be granted and disbursed without waiting for the result of the trial.  This provision should not be used as a cloak for circumventing sub order(a) and every such case should be reported to the Director General of Police with full facts and justification for using this special provision.

  3. In cases where a conviction is not obtained, but the Superintendent, Inspector-General of the range or the Commissioner, as the case may be, is of the opinion that a reward should be sanctioned he can only do so after obtaining the approval of the Director General of Police.

The following are the financial powers of officers as sanctioned by the Government:

Director General and Inspector General of Police  
(i)To sanction reward for good service out of fine amount and value ofconfiscated property up to a limit of Rs.10,000=00 in each case and Rs. 1000=00per individual (after conviction and after the appeal or revision time isover).  This is subject to the condition that the amount of reward in eachcase should not exceed half the fine amount or value of confiscated propertiesor out of private contribution.  Attention is drawn to the proceedings ofthe Government of Karnataka in its order No. HD 213 E1 80 dated 20-12-1983[Appendix - XII]. 
(ii) To sanction rewards up to a limit of Rs.10,000/- in each case  (subject to a maximum of Rs.250 to any one individual) to Police officers  below the rank of Police Inspectors and Government  servants of similar rank in other departments and private persons formeritorious services rendered by them.  The same limits apply toacceptance and distribution of rewards offered by private persons and otherdepartments.

ADGPs/ Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City/Inspector General of Police 
(iii) Same as the powers of Director General of Police.

Deputy Inspector General of Police 
(iv) To sanction rewards up to a limit of Rs.500 in each case (subject to amaximum of Rs.150 to any one individual) to Police Officers of and below therank of Police Inspectors and of Government servants of similar rank in otherdepartments and private persons for meritorious services rendered by them. The same limits apply to acceptance and distribution of rewards offered byprivate persons and other departments.

Superintendents of Police and Officers of the Corresponding Rank
(v) To sanction rewards up to a limit of Rs.200 in each case (subject to amaximum of Rs.75 to any one individual) to Police Officers   of andbelow the rank of Police Inspectors and of  Government servants of similarrank in other departments and private persons for meritorious services renderedby them.  The same limits apply to acceptance and distribution of rewardsoffered by  private persons and other departments.

Recapture of Escaped Prisoners from Jails and Lock-Ups 
Rewards for the recapture of prisoners escaping from Jails will be sanctionedby the Prisons Department and rewards  for recapture of prisoners escapingfrom Sub-jails guarded by the Police or from police lock-ups or from policecustody, by the Police Department.

Recommendationrolls applying for reward for the recapture of prisoners escaped from Jailsshould be sent to the Superintendent of the Jail concerned for transmission tothe ADGP/Inspector-General of Prisons explaining the part played by the PoliceOfficers in the recapture of the prisoner and showing clearly how the PoliceOfficers recommended are deserving of rewards.

Rewards for the Capture of Deserters 
346.  Rewards are granted by the Military authorities for the apprehensionof deserters from the Army, but they will not be given in a case in which thedeserter surrenders himself.

Rewards for Saving Life and Property and Putting Out Fires, etc
347.  The DGP, ADGP, Commissioner, Range Inspectors General,Superintendents and officers of the corresponding rank can also sanctionrewards to  subordinate Police Officers of and below the rank of Inspectorof Police for rescuing life and property and putting out fire, subject to thefinancial limit prescribed in Order 343.

Rewards - Communication Of 
All  money rewards granted to Police Officers by the Department and allmoney rewards accepted from courts, private individuals, corporate bodies,other departments and other States will be communicated to the Police Officeror officers concerned in Form No. 31 a copy of which should be filed in thepersonal confidential file, entries being made in the service register andconfidential personal file/confidential personal sheet.

Other Rewards 
“Meritorious Service Entries” will be “awarded” for conspicuous good workmeriting special recognition. Inspectors of Police and Officers of thecorresponding rank including those in the K.S.R.P. are eligible for theseawards, which will be made by the Director-General and Inspector Generalof  Police.  The Director General of Police is empowered to issueletters of appreciation and commendation to gazetted Police Officers inrecognition of good work done by them.

Good Service Entries 
“Good Service Entries” will be awarded for good detection, display of skill orany work meriting special recognition.  Such Good Service Entries will beawarded to Sub-Inspectors, Assistant Sub-Inspectors, Head Constables, andPolice Constables and officers of corresponding rank by the Superintendents ofPolice or an officer of the corresponding rank.

Meritorious Service/Good Service Entries 
Meritorious Service Entries and Good Service Entries should be awarded in FormNo. 31 a copy of  which should be filed in the personal file of theofficer concerned and an entry made in his Service Register and in theConfidential Personal Sheet in the case of Head Constables and PoliceConstables.

Commendation Letters 
A Commendation Letter may be issued to a superior Police Officer to place onrecord any work of outstanding merit.  Such a letter will be issued in theform of  a Demi-official letter and will be signed by the Home Secretary,Chief Secretary or the Director General of Police.  A copy of this letterwill be placed in the Confidential Personal File of the concerned PoliceOfficer.

Rewards Offered  by Foreign Government 
Acceptance of any present, emolument or office of any kind from or under anyforeign State without the consent of the President is prohibited under theConstitution.

Rewards to Government Servants of Other Departments 
Government servants of other departments may also be granted rewards as anincentive for assisting the police in the detection of any heinous or seriouscase or for the apprehension of offenders.  Rewards to Government servantsof other departments should be paid through the Head of the Departmentconcerned.

Rewards to Private Persons 
Rewards may be in cash or any other suitable article in the case of privateindividuals.  Medals should not be given as rewards.  Rewards toprivate persons for the apprehension of the offenders and for givinginformation leading to the detection of crime may be sanctioned within thepowers of sanction shown in Order 343.

Certificates to Private Individuals 
(a)  Officers of and above the rank of Superintendents may grant toprivate individuals and others, letters of thanks or in exceptionalcircumstances certificates acknowledging the services rendered by these personsto the police in cases where money rewards are not appropriate.

Certificates to Private Individuals - Officers not Competent

(b)Police Officers of and below the rank of Sub-Divisional Police Officers areprohibited from granting certificates in their official capacity to privateindividuals and others for any services rendered to the Police.

Rewardsof special nature granted to private persons for extraordinary help rendered bythem should be presented to them at a suitable public function, if one could beeasily arranged, provided the persons concerned are willing to accept therewards openly.

Rewards granted by the Government or by the Director General  andInspector General of Police will be published in thePolice Gazette. Rewards granted by the Commissioner, Range Inspectors-General and theSuperintendents will be published in the crime and occurrence sheet.


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