Last updated on : 09-04-2018 22:33:59
Traffic Management Center

TMC was established keeping in view the growing number of vehicle population of the city. As a result, many of the arterial roads and intersections are operating over the capacity (i.e., v/c is more than 1) and average Journey speeds on some of the key roads in the Central Area are lower than 10 kmph in the peak hour. Therefore, it has become necessary to establish plans for efficient traffic management in Bangalore.

The Traffic Management Center (TMC) at the Infantry Road is the hub of a transportation management system, where information about the transportation network shall be collected and combined with other operational and control data to manage the transportation network and to produce traveler information. The Traffic Management Centre has been designed to house a traffic wireless system, traffic surveillance system, traffic signaling system, traffic help line, traffic planning operations, etc that are being deployed under BTRAC 2010, and it shall handle the following components:
• Information/data from the traffic signals from the 334 signals spread across  the city
• Live feed of images from the 175 surveillance cameras installed at various  junctions in the city
• Traffic violation data from the 5 enforcement cameras installed in the city.

The TMC shall link various elements of Intelligent Transportation Systems such as vehicle actuated traffic signals, surveillance cameras, enforcement cameras etc., installed at various locations in the city as a part of BTRAC 2010, enabling decision makers to identify and react to an incident in a timely manner based on real-time data. The TMC will help reduce incident response times, lower incident rates (mainly secondary incidents), disseminate traveler information and hence reduce congestion and enhance safety.

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