Vision Statement

Last updated on : 09-04-2018 22:53:55

We, the members of Karnataka Police, shall uphold the Law and the Rights of all people for a safe and secure environment, conducive to their internal and external growth and development. Towards this end, we set for ourselves the following objectives.

Protect the lives and liberties of the people from criminal and anti- social elements. Earn the good will, support and active assistance of the community. Co-ordinate with other departments of Criminal Justice System. Equal treatment regardless of caste, religion, social and economic status or political affiliations. Due consideration for women, children, senior citizens and weaker sections. Improve professional knowledge, skills and attitudes and adopt modern methods in police work. Promote human rights and professional values of integrity, honesty and efficiency. Accept and play our role in social transformation and bring about improvement in the quality of life with society.

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